Commercial Doors Take a Beating

Commercial Doors Take a Beating

Restore them with commercial door repair services in San Antonio, TX and surrounding areas

Over time, commercial doors will need maintenance due to frequency of use. Commercial door closer issues can leave doors unsecured, not closing correctly, and an overall uneasy feeling that the glass may break at any moment. Door hardware will wear based on usage. Door closers will stop closing. Door pivots will allow the door to fall and rub on the ground. Fortunately, Door and Glass Company handles commercial door repair work in San Antonio, TX and surrounding areas.

We'll arrive promptly with all necessary equipment, including locks, closers and other hardware. Call 210-251-2156 or 210-722-8546 now to speak with a commercial door repair technician about your needs.

We specialize in commercial door closer replacement in San Antonio, TX and surrounding areas

One of the most common problems we see in commercial doors is broken door closers. We carry name-brand products that will fix your issues and allow the door to open and close properly as well as function correctly.
If your door closer is sticking, slamming or refusing to budge, call Door and Glass Company in San Antonio, TX for a free commercial door closer replacement estimate.