Get Frameless Shower Installation in San Antonio, TX?

Get Frameless Shower Installation in San Antonio, TX?

Looking for the finishing touches in your bathrrom?

After a long hard day, nothing is more inviting than a nice long shower. Why not treat yourself to a little luxury as well by getting a frameless shower? At Door and Glass Company, we know that nothing is better than walking in a nice hot shower at the end of the day.

Matched with the knowledge and mastery of our skilled professionals, let your bathroom come alive as we make your space more relaxing. Bring aesthetic to your bathroom and to your home. It's not just glass when you walk in your shower, it's a mini getaway waiting to happen.

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Why choose us?

Here at Door and Glass Company, we do not skip on the quality of our work. And with quality of work comes the quality of materials:

  • We use 3/8 of an inch glass
  • Our finishes are oil-rubbed, nickel, stainless, and chrome
  • We also install hardware

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