Broken Doors Send a Dangerous Message

Broken Doors Send a Dangerous Message

Set up a residential door repair appointment in San Antonio, TX or anywhere in-between

As soon as you see a problem, call Door and Glass Company of San Antonio, TX to arrange for a residential door repair service.

We can repair just about any problem on any type of residential door. Repair your front, back or interior doors today with a call to 210-251-2156 or 210-722-8546.

Lopsided door? Schedule a door adjustment now.

If your home's walls or foundations have shifted, or if your door is loosening, you could have a problem. Schedule a door adjustment from Door and Glass Company the moment you notice a gap around your door. When ignored, these minor shifts in your door can lead to:

  • Doors slamming shut
  • Pests getting into your home
  • Energy loss and higher power bills
It can even cause your locks to fall out of alignment, leaving you stuck outside your home.

Don't wait for the problem to get worse. Call a door adjustment pro in San Antonio, TX to examine the issue and make repairs.